Ongoing events

Beth Caverley

Poetry Machine Party 

Beth Calverley of The Poetry Machine is offering one of our followers and their family or friendship group a free Poetry Party. Simply comment ‘yes please’ on our tweet to be entered into a random draw to win this memorable treat. We will be in touch with the winner to arrange the session, which will take place on Friday 10th April.

How it works

Your family or friendship group will come together for a video gathering. Beth gently hosts a conversation to draw out each person’s thoughts and feelings about each other. She speed-crafts your ideas into a beautiful poem, live in the moment, on her antique typewriter. 

Although we are separated by distance at the moment, Beth’s poetry gatherings draw people together through a warming, magical experience. Beth will perform the poem to you at the end of the session and you will receive a copy by email. Once this time of isolation is over, Beth will send you the original typewritten poem. 

This gift is the perfect way to reflect on the journey you have taken together as a family or friendship group.

“Beth is so very warm and inviting and makes it so easy to open up and talk about your thoughts and feelings. Before you know it, she has produced a piece of art right before your eyes! Her talent is unique and the whole concept is original and memorable.” – Tanushree 

More about Beth & The Poetry Machine

Beth Calverley is a collaborative poet, creative coach and founder of The Poetry Machine. She co-creates poems with people of all ages on her typewriter, helping them to express their thoughts and feelings through a meaningful, supportive experience. Her playful ‘machine’ intrigues even lifelong poetry sceptics with its yellow umbrella, bubble engine and whimsical flagpole. 

The Poetry Machine works nationally with leading charities, companies, hospitals, schools, universities, heritage sites and festivals. Beth is Poet in Residence at UH Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, based at South Bristol Community Hospital. Her poems have recently been published in These Are The Hands NHS anthology and her debut full collection will be launched in November this year. Beth was named on a 2018 list of the most influential young people in Bristol by Rife Magazine and The Poetry Machine is a Bristol Life Awards Arts Finalist 2020.