Writers in Residence

Playwright in Residence – Tracy Harris

Having studied experimental theatre, Tracy’s first play ‘past away’ was commissioned by Sgript Cymru. She also makes TV Documentaries about homelessness, prostitution, and the benefit system.

…I started making potions

Most of them consist of garlic, goji berry and ginger

The three G’s of goodness

They cure everything, you name it they cure it…

Except the love potion that’s a special one

I only use that on special people

and I’ve not perfected it yet

Because, well I’ve not found that one yet.


So do you have anything in particular you want me to help you with?

Or I’ll just go on and on when you get me started

You’ve already received one?


Who is this?

Do I know you?


Shit… Amy…Is it really?


Me and you well

It was pretty bad what happened wasn’t it?

Of course I thought about, you were one of my best friends

Inseperable, yeah for a while

Well that happens …the drifting…

Happens to most people at some point

Start thinking in different ways

Find yourself in another…

You had a new boyfriend and I didn’t think he was

I wasn’t jealous- no, I could see you deserved better

You’re not still with him are you?


Well you did, but when I tried to say

Well I didn’t actually say that no…

It was never the right time to

But I did try my best to

hold on to what we

but there wasn’t much left to hold on to

So that’s when I

cut myself off


Hung up

blocked your facebook

and tried to forget about the last 10 years

But things like this make you

Re-trace your steps

Make you ponder more I guess

And when you stop, things start to come back

So I sent you the potion…

Because I thought it might cure things

Between us

Thought I should extend an olive branch

I didn’t expect you to actually come back

Like this

Find me.


No it wasn’t made of olives no

Like I said the main ingredients were garlic, goji berry and ginger

Did you try it?

Yes there was a bit more to it…

The secret ingredient…

The Neem oil right…yeah


I chose it because it heals

Not because of your acne

That’s what I read see

It wasn’t out of spite


Of course I feel bad about that

It’s been a long time

and I think that if we’d just

maybe been honest back then

It wouln’t have got to this…


You do believe me don’t you?


Of course I can take it back

I could exchange it for something else maybe?

Alaughing potion?

Would that help?


Working in a mirror factory is totally something I can see

myself doing….


A be-friending potion?

A de-friending potion?

A never ending happy potion?


A sorry potion?

I’m sure I can find something here.


There is a silent potion

For people who don’t have anything to say

In situations like this

Do you want to try that one?


Silence is actually nice sometimes isn’t it?