Writers Showcase

Nina Lewis

These poems are from my 2nd pamphlet ‘Patience’ published by V. Press and available to buy here https://vpresspoetry.blogspot.com/p/patience.html

The Dark House

It started life as a home,
until the red bricks,
colour of rust, were abandoned.

The empty house
bore the brunt of nature;
tilted slates let water in.

It became a habitat
for shadow animals,
nocturnal kings.

At night, the edges of its frame
were accentuated by bypass lights:
silhouette house, secret of wild hedge.

The road beyond the garden
never stopped.

In sleep I walk the dark house,
enter the ash kitchen,
feel my way across charcoal tiles,

my paper feet never find the rooms,
never make it to the stairs.
I awake to light

spinning my darkened dreams.
I keep my eyes closed,
until only blue remains.

Keep the Light

The frame is plain,
lets the vibrant oils dance.
The purple petals remind me of a dress I wore
back when my waist was tiny and feet tilted on high heels.
I could reach out
and pluck a flower from the bouquet.
The picture taunts me. I prop a photo

of my daughter above it,
to keep it company, stop it pestering.
The picture can’t be silenced,

still asks for my hand. I get up,
reach into the frame and pull a flower; stamens leave an oily trace
on my skin, iridescent trails highlight my fingerprints,
identify my existence in this room,
this place my whole life fits into:
the twelve squared metres
haven of bed and wall.


It never begins in darkness,
even with your eyes closed,
sheets of orange glow.

When I first saw him,
hope paced in the shadows,

Our first words displayed
the fascinations we shared
in paint-strip themes.

Conversation tumbled until
we spoke without voices,
felt the electrical surge of the universe.

Inside, our arteries
turned into vacuum tubes,
soared with blaze.

We became neon.

Nina Lewis is a poet from Worcestershire. Her poetry is published in a wide range of anthologies and magazines. Her début pamphlet Fragile Houses was published by V. Press 2016. She was the Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2017-18, a Reader in Residence for West Midlands Readers’ Network, is a member of Writing West Midlands Room 204 and a Director of Worcestershire LitFest. 
Nina had work displayed on the Wenlock Poetry Trail, BIG LIT Festival, the Poetry Fence at Acton Scott Farm Museum, in Municipal Bank Vaults during an International Dance Festival, projected on the wall of Richard Jefferies Museum at Poetry Swindon and 21 Haiku were used as part of an Art Installation at the Midlands Arts Centre. She was an International Guest Poet at the Perth Poetry Festival in 2018 and performs at festivals across the UK.
Her second pamphlet Patience was published by V. Press in 2019. She is currently working on a poetry show for A Tale of Two Cities, a Transatlantic Poetry Project involving poets in Worcester UK and Worcester MA, USA which she created during her Laureateship.